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I’ve started a new blog

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I’ve started a new blog. About beauty. It’s called Lipstick is my Co-Pilot. I have my friend Laura Friesen to thank for inspiration. It wasn’t meant to be super serious but I’ve already published seven posts and have another nine in drafts. Apparently I have lots of opinions on this stuff. Who knew? I’ve been blogging less and less here. My passion for online marketing and website design remains but I don’t feel as compelled to write about it […]

I’m moderating Manitoba’s blogging conference this month


Manitoba’s blogging conference – MBlog – is back for a second year at the end of this month and I’ll be moderating/emceeing the day. The conference begins with a networking reception on the evening of Friday, January 31 at The Fort Garry Hotel (Winnipeg, Canada). I went to the reception last year and it was a super friendly, informal do. We spoke to other bloggers and the expert folks in town for the conference (last […]

Blogging 101


Cartoon by Hugh MacLeod used under a Creative Commons license I recently wrote a social media marketing 101 post here based on a presentation I did. Following in the same vein, I’ve adapted a blogging presentation I did for the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba. Blogging isn’t scary A lot of people think blogging is scary. It really isn’t. A lot of people also think it has to be a personal diary. Nope. It can be about […]

Blog Like a Star: 99 ways to improve your blog


I’ve just finished reading a great little resource by Brankica Underwood, author of Blog Like a Star. Brankica put together a free ebook featuring 99 ways to improve your blog. Whether you’re a blogging superstar already or just starting out, I’m certain you’ll find her hints and tips useful. Is your blog published on Kindle? Brankica will tell you why it should be. Think you have the perfect ABOUT page? Brankica’s advice will help make […]

Girl Geek Dinners: Wanna know more about blogging?


This month’s Winnipeg Girl Geek Dinner is all about blogging and I’m the presenter along with my pal Polly Washburn. We’ll be sharing our experiences, from the techie bits to the creative stuff of choosing a theme, deciding what to write about, how to format a blog post, and why it’s important to post regular content. Join us on Tuesday, June 8 (at 6 p.m. if you want to nosh on the delicious food at […]

Blogging – write what you don’t know


This weekend I whipped up a post for One Degree about blogging. And I’d love you to read it if you’ve even remotely considered blogging and quickly swept the idea away. What’s One Degree? It’s a website for Canadian marketers like me. I tweet for One Degree. Thanks to Peter Mosely (the boss at One Degree) for asking me to write the post.