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Sunday Photoshop and camera love


Yesterday I was having a total Photoshop / camera  thing: I spent hours on Pinterest looking for photography tutorials and free Photoshop Actions. I fiddled around with my camera settings. Read up about ISO, shutter speed, image quality and too many things to mention here. My ever-willing assistant, Sadie Shih Tzu, posed for me as I tested out the different settings to see if they’d made any difference. My kitchen is a great place to take […]

Photography and Photoshop love


I love taking photos. Of my dog. I got a great camera last year – a Nikon D3100. After chatting to a professional photographer at a party I also bought a super cheap lens which I adore. I spend a huge amount of time taking photos of Sadie Shih Tzu which I post to her Flickr account, and of course use on her blog. One thing that lets so many blogs down is poor quality […]