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I’ve started a new blog

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I’ve started a new blog. About beauty. It’s called Lipstick is my Co-Pilot. I have my friend Laura Friesen to thank for inspiration. It wasn’t meant to be super serious but I’ve already published seven posts and have another nine in drafts. Apparently I have lots of opinions on this stuff. Who knew? I’ve been blogging less and less here. My passion for online marketing and website design remains but I don’t feel as compelled to write about it […]

A tour of the British Isles in accents


I’m British in case you hadn’t noticed. But I live in Canada. This combination means I’m ALWAYS asked about my accent. Canadians are fascinated by my voice. I was born and bred in London, England. Bromley is my home town (and why I was always so excited about the Bromley Contingent). My accent isn’t by any means cockney (something most people think of when they think of someone from London). I’m from the suburbs. When […]

Happy Thanksgiving


It’s kind of shitty outside today (Thanksgiving weekend in Canada). But I’ve found ways to keep myself amused. Like taking photos of me and Sadie Shih Tzu. Some of the things I’m grateful for: – My health – My home – My loved ones (including little Sadie) – My bike which gives me freedom and keeps my heart pumping – Technology that allows me to amuse myself on a cloudy day – Autumn and all […]

Noah: the short film that takes place on a computer


There are so many reasons this short film appealed to me but once I began watching the first few minutes I thought I was going to be disappointed. Boy, was I wrong. Which is why I’m posting it here for you to see. Noah, by writer/directors Walter Woodman and Patrick Cederberg, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month. Yes, it’s a long short film. And I’m famously impatient when it comes to short films […]

Me today and me aged 11


Don’t ask what on earth inspired me to do this but here it is. Me aged 11 and me today. Last Sunday local photographer Ian McCausland came to NSI’s office (my workplace) to take photos of our current students. Staff were offered the chance to update their mugshot and since mine was three years old I figured I’d better get a new one. Ian always does a fab job so I’m pretty pleased with the […]