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October 27, 2013

What I’ve been reading this week


This week I’ve been obsessed with Instagram.

I realise I’m super late to the party but I got my first iPhone in August and I LOVE it.

I rarely used my phone before because it was SO slow – I had a Samsung Galaxy and it drove me crazy.

Consequently, I never spent any time on Instagram and was regularly heard bitching about it to anyone who would listen. Well, I take it all back.

Yesterday I officially switched my Instagram account over to Sadie Shih Tzu‘s name. I was posting only photos and video of her and it just seemed dumb to carry on as me when I was following 500 Shih Tzus!

So, while I’ve been doing a ton of reading as usual, I’ve also been looking at dog photos on my phone. And I’ve become completely addicted to it.

My husband says I need help ;)

In other news this week, I downloaded three excellent, free fonts.

Kräftig by @destrukt_studio


Fantasie by Lev Berry


Salomé by atipo


And like a zillion other people I watched – and loved – the Jeremy Paxman interview with Russell Brand.

May 23, 2012

My favourite design resources

I spend an enormous amount of time scouring the interwebs for great design freebies. And I’ve even been known to pay for them :)

I’m constantly fiddling with this blog and my dog’s blog Hi, I’m Sadie Shih Tzu. So while you might not see new posts from me here every week, you can be fairly confident I’m working away in the background on one of my blogs, experimenting with new plugins, fonts, colours, themes and more.

Over the past few months I’ve fallen in love with some fantastic design blogs. They either offer great design downloads, tutorials or both.

I think my favourite find is Pugly Pixel by Katrina Tan. I’ve used many of her super Photoshop video tutorials. I’ve bought a membership to her premium design downloads (one of the most affordable memberships ever) and I’ve poured over her design freebies. Katrina is a blogging chick who totally gets it.

I also adore Jo Kilma’s work. She runs The Darling Tree and August Empress. Her free downloads on August Empress are breathtaking. And every time I check out her design work on The Darling Tree I’m totally in awe.

StarSunFlower Studio is written by Susan Smith who does a brilliant round up of design freebies every week. Susan also has her own shop which sells many of her own fab designs.

I’m totally addicted to Pinterest and have found it a great way to discover designers. One of my favourite pinners is Noor Alqahtani who runs a blog called Little Pink Strawberries. Noor constantly pins links to great design stuff.

These are only a few of the many folks I follow closely and seek inspiration from.

What are you favourite design resources? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

February 6, 2011

Typing circular text in Photoshop

I accept I might be a bit stupid when it comes to certain functions in Photoshop but for the past six months or so I’ve tried – without success – to create text in a perfect circle in Photoshop.

My attempts have been made using the Warp Tool which makes text distort.

I’ve Googled this problem only to be shown the Warp Tool method again and again. I just assumed I was doing something wrong.

Finally this evening I put out an SOS call on Twitter.

And God bless everyone who offered up advice. It was, however, Shawn Collins who saved my bacon. He pointed me to this YouTube video (below) tutorial from TutCast. Shawn – you rock!

The video is short and simple. Everything I love and it works like a dream.

December 11, 2010

WordPress theme roundup: 12 clean, minimal themes

My favourite time of the month!

It’s my WordPress theme roundup.

Here are 12 delicious WordPress themes I’ve found this past month.

The best part is that they’re all free.


Demo | Download


Demo | Download

Big Square

Demo | Download

Black Magazine

Demo | Download


Demo | Download

David Airey’s theme

Demo | Download


Demo | Download


Demo | Download


Demo | Download


Demo | Download

Demo | Download

Demo | Download

November 11, 2010

10 beautiful, new minimal WordPress themes

More beautiful, minimal WordPress themes for your blogging pleasure.

All the themes shown below are free – though several of them do have pro versions with additional features.

I’m particularly in love with Platform by Pagelines which has a gizillion theme options even on the free version.

Codium Extend

Demo | Download


Demo | Download

Plain Fields

Demo | Download


Demo | Download

Portfolio Press

Demo | Download


Demo | Download


Demo | Download


Demo | Download


Demo | Download


Demo | Download

October 16, 2010

October WordPress theme roundup

I’ve been scouring the internet – so you don’t have to – for new and beautiful, minimal WordPress themes.

A few of the themes listed below aren’t super new but are themes I like and want to share with you.


Demo | Download

CP Minimal

Demo | Download

Fresh & Clean

Demo | Download


Demo | Download


Demo | Download

Diary 1.0

Demo | Download


Demo | Download

Silver Magazine

Demo | Download


Demo | Download


Demo | Download


Demo | Download