Author: Liz Hover

I’ve started a new blog

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I’ve started a new blog. About beauty. It’s called Lipstick is my Co-Pilot. I have my friend Laura Friesen to thank for inspiration. It wasn’t meant to be super serious but I’ve already published seven posts and have another nine in drafts. Apparently I have lots of opinions on this stuff. Who knew? I’ve been blogging less and less here. My passion for online marketing and website design remains but I don’t feel as compelled to write about it […]

My dog is instafamous


I’m not sure if you know this but I pretty much owe my career to my dog, Sadie Shih Tzu. Back in 2008 when I first joined Facebook and Twitter, I got the idea that my dog could be an online persona which allowed me to experiment with new platforms without embarrassing myself too much. I hated seeing things I’d written. But becoming my dog somehow made it easier. I already had a real passion for […]

A tour of the British Isles in accents


I’m British in case you hadn’t noticed. But I live in Canada. This combination means I’m ALWAYS asked about my accent. Canadians are fascinated by my voice. I was born and bred in London, England. Bromley is my home town (and why I was always so excited about the Bromley Contingent). My accent isn’t by any means cockney (something most people think of when they think of someone from London). I’m from the suburbs. When […]

Official news release about Saturday’s MBlog conference in Winnipeg


I already wrote my own little blurb about the Manitoba blogging conference this weekend, MBlog, but here’s the official news release with full details about this Saturday’s event. • • • Finding Your Voice: MBlog 2014 Hundreds of blogging conferences take place around the world every year. Now there is an opportunity for Manitoba bloggers to connect, learn and be inspired right here at home to write the best posts of their lives. Content marketing and ongoing social […]