My dog is instafamous



I’m not sure if you know this but I pretty much owe my career to my dog, Sadie Shih Tzu.

Back in 2008 when I first joined Facebook and Twitter, I got the idea that my dog could be an online persona which allowed me to experiment with new platforms without embarrassing myself too much.

I hated seeing things I’d written. But becoming my dog somehow made it easier.

I already had a real passion for working online. And my experimenting led to knowledge which overlapped with my job – I’m now the director of online at the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI).

In 2008 Sadie had Facebook and Twitter accounts. Around the same time I also created a blog for her. I used her blog and this one to teach myself how to use Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress.

By 2013 my blog posts for Sadie had largely become photographic with little or no text. I love photography and am pretty obsessed with my subject matter. She’s ALL I photograph.

I started to feel like a blog wasn’t necessarily the right place for Sadie’s photos so I focused on Tumblr.

In the summer of 2013 I got my first iPhone. After investigating a bunch of apps I decided to give Instagram a go. I’d been resistant towards the app (just ask fellow Winnipeg blogger Alyson Shane).

For some reason, Instagram never appealed to me. But, just like I’d done before with Twitter, Facebook and a host of other social platforms I needed to understand, I began using Sadie’s photos to explore the app. And everything changed.

I’ve no idea what clicked for me or when but I realised I’d found the perfect place for Sadie’s photos. It’s taken about a year but Sadie now has over 21,000 followers on Instagram.

And last week, Instagram featured Sadie as their ‘weekly fluff.’

Sadie had already built a pretty healthy following (11K) but Instagram’s feature gave her account that extra push.

In a world dealing with war, disease and myriad other more important things, this is meaningless. But part of me chuckled when I realised I can finally say my dog is instafamous!