A tour of the British Isles in accents


I’m British in case you hadn’t noticed. But I live in Canada.

This combination means I’m ALWAYS asked about my accent. Canadians are fascinated by my voice.

I was born and bred in London, England. Bromley is my home town (and why I was always so excited about the Bromley Contingent).

My accent isn’t by any means cockney (something most people think of when they think of someone from London).

I’m from the suburbs.

When I was 10, our family moved to the Cotswolds. Cheltenham to be be exact which is where my parents now live.

In my early twenties I moved back to London where I stayed until moving to Canada 10 years ago.

So I don’t sound like a Londoner. Nor do I have a West Country accent. And I certainly don’t sound Canadian.

Many Canadians tell me they can’t distinguish between accents in the UK.

Let me help you with assistance from this wonderful short video I recently found.

UPDATE: 10 minutes after writing this post I was outside and ended up speaking to an older Canadian woman who asked, “Australian?” I told her I was English. “South, right?” Yes I said. “Kent?” Bang on! She had lived in England for 25 years and was annoyed that she didn’t guess right the first time. I told her she redeemed herself by guessing my home county correctly!