What I’ve been reading this week


This week I’ve been obsessed with Instagram.

I realise I’m super late to the party but I got my first iPhone in August and I LOVE it.

I rarely used my phone before because it was SO slow – I had a Samsung Galaxy and it drove me crazy.

Consequently, I never spent any time on Instagram and was regularly heard bitching about it to anyone who would listen. Well, I take it all back.

Yesterday I officially switched my Instagram account over to Sadie Shih Tzu‘s name. I was posting only photos and video of her and it just seemed dumb to carry on as me when I was following 500 Shih Tzus!

So, while I’ve been doing a ton of reading as usual, I’ve also been looking at dog photos on my phone. And I’ve become completely addicted to it.

My husband says I need help ;)

In other news this week, I downloaded three excellent, free fonts.

Kräftig by @destrukt_studio


Fantasie by Lev Berry


Salomé by atipo


And like a zillion other people I watched – and loved – the Jeremy Paxman interview with Russell Brand.