Month: October 2013

What I’ve been reading this week


This week I’ve been obsessed with Instagram. I realise I’m super late to the party but I got my first iPhone in August and I LOVE it. I rarely used my phone before because it was SO slow – I had a Samsung Galaxy and it drove me crazy. Consequently, I never spent any time on Instagram and was regularly heard bitching about it to anyone who would listen. Well, I take it all back. […]

What I’ve been reading this week


  Every day I read loads of stuff about blogging, marketing and more. Rather than keep it to myself or share some of it only on Twitter, I figured I’d also start sharing some of those links here on my blog. Happy reading! 1. I updated my entire resources list today getting rid of super old links and dead links. The list includes tips and advice on social media marketing, Twitter, Facebook and blogging 2. The […]

Happy Thanksgiving


It’s kind of shitty outside today (Thanksgiving weekend in Canada). But I’ve found ways to keep myself amused. Like taking photos of me and Sadie Shih Tzu. Some of the things I’m grateful for: – My health – My home – My loved ones (including little Sadie) – My bike which gives me freedom and keeps my heart pumping – Technology that allows me to amuse myself on a cloudy day – Autumn and all […]

Things I’ve learned in 2013

Diary of a Web Gal

Above: friends and family photos from my UK visit I’m just back from a two-week trip to England. I haven’t seen most of my friends and family since 2006. In fact, I haven’t seen some of the people pictured above in almost 20 years. The visit taught me much more than I expected. It made me realise some important things about life and who I am. I turn 40 next year too which might explain […]