Media-free day?

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Update: I totally failed at this. It’s fairly hard for me to stay away from the interwebs unless I have a super good book or five. I don’t think I was motivated to read the two books that I got that day. Needless to say, I haven’t tried unplugging since. Nor do I expect to be doing so anytime soon. #fail

I love me some internet.

In fact, I love it so much that you’ll rarely find me away from my laptop. During American Idol and The Voice season I can be found in front of the television but that’s about it.

Smart man – and futurist – Gerd Leonhard just announced that he’s introducing media-free days: one day a week without internet, TV or any other form of online connection.

Yes, I know this concept isn’t new. Plenty of folks have been unplugging and taking a break from the interwebs. But not me. Until now.

Why Gerd’s post resonated with me, I’ve no idea.

A nice man from UPS arrived at my office this morning with two books I ordered from Amazon. So it looks like I have all the motivation I need to unplug one day a week starting … this Sunday?