A heartfelt shout out to blogging superstar Elan Morgan



I watched a video yesterday of fellow Canadian blogger Elan Morgan (above) giving a presention at TEDx Regina back in May 2012.

I had tears in my eyes during some parts of Elan’s presentation on self-doubt and the power of personal narrative. Clearly I was moved. Not only by what she had to say but also how she said it: sometimes tearing up herself on stage.

So I did what any self-respecting blogger does: I fired off an email to Elan to tell her how brilliant she is.

I’ve known Elan – who uses the moniker Schmutzie – for a few years. I first became aware of her because she runs the wonderful Canadian Weblog Awards. For the past two years I’ve been part of the CWA jury so we’ve done our fair share of emailing back and forth.

I finally got to meet Elan late last year when she came to Winnipeg for MBlog 2012 – the first blogging conference run by New Media Manitoba at which I was moderating two panels. Elan was on one of the panels and also giving her own presentation.

Sometimes I come across as this chatty, confident person and I (appeared to be) in fine form the night before the conference at a networking event. But truth be told I hung out for most of the evening with friend and blogger Erica Glasier. I don’t totally dig the networking thing. So even though Elan was there I didn’t talk to her a whole lot.

The same can be said of the next day when the conference took place. It takes all my energy and more to present or moderate a panel so I didn’t do much ‘networking’ with the other folks at the conference. Again, Elan was there but we didn’t talk much.

Fast forward a couple of months and I decided to spend some time reading through Elan’s blog.

Elan is a writer, designer and speaker who runs the Schmutzie.com group of blogs (the weblogPhoneographySchmoetry and Five Star Friday), her work life at Ninjamatics, the Canadian Weblog Awards and the Grace in Small Things social network.

Elan has been able to do something magical with her writing by taking significant and traumatic life events and blogging about them in a way that is inspirational and wise.

Of course, she doesn’t just blog about that stuff. She writes about trillions of different things including design and photography.

To get a taste of how amazing Elan is, please watch this video below of her TEDx Regina presentation. Maybe grab a tissue too.

Elan will be giving the closing keynote at BlogWest next week where I know she’ll be brilliant.


  1. Aw, wow. What a thing to wake up to on a Monday morning. Thank you so much, Liz.

    I’m actually a bit shy, myself, so I tend to be more of an observer than an instigator. The next time I get out to Manitoba, which I would love to do, you and I will have to have supper or something!

  2. Jessica says

    Thank you. That was thought-provoking and life-changing.

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