2012 internet trends from Mary Meeker

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After reading Mary Meeker releases stunning data on the state of the internet on VentureBeat, I wanted to share her slide deck below.

I’d never heard of Mary Meeker until today. But she just published this slide deck of crazy information about 2012 internet trends. And it’s pretty mind-blowing stuff.

It bothers me that I didn’t know who Mary was. According to Wikipedia she was named ‘Queen of the net.’ Very cool!

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  1. kartik says

    In this presentation Mary Meeker highlights the fact that mobile Web usage has overtaken PC-based fixed-line Internet usage. Because mobile is bringing new levels of connectivity to people, many of whom have never used, or even owned a PC.
    And according to her, this is just the beginning. Our lives in five years will be vastly different than they are today because as the time is changing, needs of people across the globe are also changing.

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