Fabulous short film, Human Beings by Jonathan Entwistle

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I’m not entirely sure how many times I’ve watched this short film but it’s a lot.

As part of my job at the National Screen Institute I program the NSI Online Short Film Festival and I love it!

I recently subscribed to Short Film a Day and have come across some fantastic short films. But nothing hit me as much as this one did.

Human Beings, directed by Jonathan Entwistle, sadly isn’t Canadian so can’t be programmed in the NSI Online Short Film Festival.

European short film often takes my breath away. I’m struck by its editing and colouring. Don’t get me wrong: we have some superb Canadian short filmmakers. But I’m astounded by the consistently good work I see from Europe.

Human Beings is a beautiful and tragic celebration of youth and bad choices. I totally loved the soundtrack. I hope you enjoy it.

Song on the closing credits is Peppermint by Spectrals.

Other songs featured include Girlfriend by Ty Segall, Come on Over by Veronica Falls and For Ash by Marnie Stern.

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