Bloc Party – one of my favourite bands


With my ankle still out of action, I’m left with only the music I used to run to to keep me happy.

One of my favourite running playlists features almost all Bloc Party songs.

Being a London gal now transplanted to Winnipeg, Canada there are few things that remind me of my home. But music is one of them. It’s not often that great UK indie bands play in Winnipeg. We’re not exactly top of the Canadian touring priority list.

When Bloc Party announced a stop in Winnipeg I was over the moon. There’s something very special in music that connects me to England (I’m sure I’m not the only one).

Last night arrived and me and my man headed to the Burton Cummings Theatre to enjoy some Bloc Party.

I danced the whole night using an array of ankle-friendly movements. This Brit gal is very happy.





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  1. A friend from across the ocean says

    And like wise music makes me think of that Brit girl transplanted to Winnipeg. Every time the new John lewis advert comes on TV (and lets face it, its being shown constantly). The music to accompany the ad is a cover version of “Never Tear us apart”. It just reminds me of you when we fisrt became friends and you were soooooooo into INXS. But this version is so much better. x

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