Sunday Photoshop and camera love


Yesterday I was having a total Photoshop / camera  thing: I spent hours on Pinterest looking for photography tutorials and free Photoshop Actions. I fiddled around with my camera settings. Read up about ISO, shutter speed, image quality and too many things to mention here.

My ever-willing assistant, Sadie Shih Tzu, posed for me as I tested out the different settings to see if they’d made any difference.

My kitchen is a great place to take photos during the daytime because it’s bright and filled with light.

If you’re a photographer, I’m sure you’ll roll your eyes at me when I say I didn’t know how important ISO settings are to the smoothness of the final photo. I noticed that a lot of my photos are a bit too grainy. This can be caused by a very high ISO setting. After checking my camera, I discovered that my ISO setting was insanely high.

What’s worse is that I actually have a diploma in photography albeit from my school days some 20 years ago. How easy it is to forget some of this stuff!

One of my favourite sites for photography advice is Digital Photography School run by Darren Rowse (who is also a brilliant advisor on blogging. I recommend his other site ProBlogger in all my presentations).

So, I probably took 70 photos of Sadie. But I only loved two of them.

I used a little bit of Photoshop on this photo below but not a lot. I used a new Photoshop Action called Retro Fiesta from Apples and Sisters. You can download their great free set of Actions by visiting the link in this post.

Often when I apply a Photoshop Action to an image I’ll remove a bunch of the changes applied simply by hiding them in the layers palette until I get the effect I want. And that’s exactly what I did with this photo below. There are around eight steps to this Action and I removed half of them.

And just for fun, I’ve included my original photo with no editing other than cropping.