Month: September 2012

Bloc Party – one of my favourite bands


With my ankle still out of action, I’m left with only the music I used to run to to keep me happy. One of my favourite running playlists features almost all Bloc Party songs. Being a London gal now transplanted to Winnipeg, Canada there are few things that remind me of my home. But music is one of them. It’s not often that great UK indie bands play in Winnipeg. We’re not exactly top of […]

Sunday Photoshop and camera love


Yesterday I was having a total Photoshop / camera  thing: I spent hours on Pinterest looking for photography tutorials and free Photoshop Actions. I fiddled around with my camera settings. Read up about ISO, shutter speed, image quality and too many things to mention here. My ever-willing assistant, Sadie Shih Tzu, posed for me as I tested out the different settings to see if they’d made any difference. My kitchen is a great place to take […]