Lazy arse – no work out for three weeks


So it’s back to work after two weeks off. We went to Fargo, North Dakota and then spent a week at the lake.

It’s been almost one month since I sprained my ankle *cue whinging* and I feel like a total invalid. Yes, I can walk fine but my ankle is still swollen and hurts.

I hadn’t worked out for three weeks. Nor did I do any of the workouts my trainer emailed me for my holiday. I don’t know why.

I’ve been to see Lindsay (my trainer) twice this week and we focused on upper body stuff. As a result I can barely fasten my own bra because my muscles are so sore!

But it feels great to be doing something.

She put my ankle to work a bit in an effort to build up its strength. Lots of balancing stuff. It’s clear that it’s the weaker ankle.