A change of focus for this blog?


I’ve been posting to this blog less and less and it has left me wondering where I should focus my writing on Diary of a Webgal.

My greatest blogging pleasure comes from writing Sadie Shih Tzu‘s blog.

I’m still going strong as a digital media manager, still learning every day and loving it. But perhaps there’s less to share in the way I once did when I first started this blog.

So, what to do with Diary of a Webgal?

Rather than focus solely on the social web, I’m likely to make this a more personal blog where I share stuff about what I’m doing, what I’m up to online and other lifestyle things.

For example, you probably don’t know that I’ve been seeing a personal trainer three times a week for the past year and a half in an attempt to work my lazy computer-obsessed butt! Or that I ran 5K for the first time earlier this year.

Perhaps you’re not all that interested in those things. I understand. One thing I’ve learned about working as a webgal is the need for balance.

Sitting in front of a computer much of the time necessitates activity. For a long time I wasn’t striking that balance. Thanks to my personal trainer, I’m getting there. And for those of you who think it must be expensive, it isn’t. $40 per hour. I don’t shop, eat out or do a lot of other things so I figure it all balances out. There’s that word again.

So, dear reader, if you begin to see stuff here that you weren’t expecting, it’s because I’m changing my focus on this here blog of mine. And if you don’t hear from me sometimes, I’m probably having too much fun over on Hi, I’m Sadie Shih Tzu.

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  1. Congrats on the self improvements! And I like following blogs that add a personal angle with good info!

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