A marketer’s guide to Pinterest


I love Pinterest.

I probably spend more time there than I do on Facebook and Twitter. I love the idea of discovery. Sometimes I get butterflies when I’m searching for stuff on Pinterest. You never know what you’ll find or what journey it will take you on.

I use it pretty selfishly at the moment. I started off using it as a place to store all the fonts I want to buy (rather than bookmarking them all in my browser). And I’ve expanded to include boards on web design I love, Photoshop tutorials and my favourite photos of Madonna – totally left-field!

Sadie Shih Tzu also has a Pinterest account which I use to pin photos of cute dogs – honestly, if you’re looking for puppy porn, check out Sadie’s cuteness board.

In addition, I have two Pinterest obsessions: searching like crazy for something (free Photoshop files, blog graphics or fonts) and searching like crazy for things to pin (usually cute dog photos from Flickr).

I haven’t explored how to really use it as a marketer. I’m having too much fun to turn it into work at the moment.

Mashable published this marketer’s guide to Pinterest infographic (below) back in February 2012. I know it’s small. Click on the image to see the original, much more readable version.

The infographic explains what Pinterest is, who uses it and how they use it. It also defines some of the Pinterest lingo that we like to bandy around (pin, board etc).

It’s important to remember that just because lots of people are talking about Pinterest, it may not be right for you or your company.

We marketers tend to think we have to be in all the online spaces or we’ll look out of touch with current trends. Or we’ll miss out on something.

My advice is always: social media marketing requires baby steps. One thing at a time. And whatever platform you choose to explore, do it well. Not everything is right for everyone.