Infographic: An average day on Facebook


I wouldn’t usually share stuff I find on Mashable because so many people read their news but this was too cool to pass up.

According to Mashable, this infographic, created by JESS3, examines engagement statistics with the world’s most popular social network: Facebook.

I was surprised at how few people ‘Like’ updates (26%). I’m a serial ‘Liker.’ And also how few people send private messages (10%). I would have expected these numbers to be higher because of my own use and I’m not even on Facebook that much.

Apparently only 15% of folks update their status everyday. Again, something I was surprised to read.

I’d be interested to know where these stats come from (I don’t doubt them). Mashable don’t say and I can’t find the infographic on JESS3’s website.

Anyway, enjoy this lovely infographic.

Infographic showing Average-Day-on-Facebook


  1. Maybe it’s a testament to my age, but at a glance I thought the balloons were condoms.

  2. Alyson you are not alone. I have to admit I thought they rather looked like condoms when I first saw them.

  3. Chrows25 says

    OK another Brit and I thought they were sperm! I am really surprised by the stats, I am a serial liker too.Often post status more than once a day. I noticed it doesn’t mention people with groups for a common cause. Firstly I found groups for people with scleroderma and when I developed a second auto immiune disease polymyositis I found them too. These groups are sanity savers for people with rare disease as there is usually no physical support group around locally.
     Thanks for bringing me into the Facebook and blogging community.

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