How to approach a blogger


I manage two blogs: this one and my dog’s blog.

This means I regularly receive emails on the following things from people I don’t know:

– Request to write a guest post

– Request for a link exchange

– Request to write about a particular product

– Request to mention an article in my next blog post

– Request to review a product

Usually – not always – these are poorly directed requests. In many cases the person contacting me has clearly never read either of my blogs or is so horribly misguided it pains me.

So, this week I was excited to read two great posts about the very topic of approaching bloggers. If you’re in PR or in the habit of cold-emailing bloggers I’m certain you’ll learn a great deal from reading them. And if you practice the advice, you’ll also be a lot more effective when you contact folks like me.

First up is a post by Jay Dolan, author of my most favourite blog The Anti-Social Media.

Jay doesn’t mince words in 6 ways to avoid blogger outreach failure.

His six points are:

1. Get off Yahoo and Gmail
2. Don’t ask to write a guest post
3. Stop trying to get me to promote your content
4. Don’t waste my time
5. Don’t assume
6. Say my name

Please read his post to fully understand Jay’s woes.

Second up is Monica Hamburg writing over at One Degree.

In Avoiding the Supermarket Approach When Pitching Bloggers, Monica provides some excellent, practical advice for anyone approaching a blogger.

If everyone read and followed the advice in these posts, the blog world would be a happier place.

Thanks so much to Jay and Monica for putting into words what many of us feel.

PS – on a related note, check out this post from cc. chapman giving advice to Ragu who, he believed, had failed in the way they approached bloggers for a recent campaign.