Tweet ideas


Looking through the stats on my blog I’ve noticed that a lot of folks are searching for inspiration to help them come up with good ideas to post on Twitter.

Previously I’d written about a post on Ari Herzog’s blog by Mark Havenner in which Mark describes his C.R.A.S.H formula when he’s stuck for tweet ideas.

Comment. Reply. Ask. Share. Help. This is an excellent formula.

I’d also like to share my tweeting philosophy with you in the hope it will help those of you looking for inspiration on Twitter.

Your number one goal when posting to Twitter should be to add value.

In fact I think Jason Falls put it best when he said, ‘Share good shit.’ Anytime you post to Twitter, ask yourself, ‘Is this something others will want to know? Is it of value to them? Am I sharing knowledge?’

One of the most popular types of tweet are those that contain links.

Dan Zarella recently posted an interesting infographic showing how to get more retweets on Twitter. I think you’ll find his information useful when considering what to post to Twitter. Dan describes himself as a social media scientist so you’re probably wise to heed his advice.

Dan recommends we tweet links, stop talking about ourselves, say new things and tweet about Twitter.

So head on over to your Twitter account and tweet away!