Month: April 2011

My social media wish list


* I wish Twitter told me why someone is following me and how they found me. * I wish real-estate agents, builders and other ad hoc businesses would realise that having a Twitter/Facebook account isn’t enough of a reason to make me follow them or pay attention to anything they say or do. * I wish more people/businesses realised that relationship building, conversations and actual engagement with individuals is what helps create an effective social […]

How to find time for social media


I was reading about a new tool the other day called Buffer which lets you load up your tweets for the day and automate when they appear. ‘This looks cool. I should check it out,’ I thought to myself. Somehow I never did because I reminded myself that social media tools aren’t about automation and scheduling – sure plenty of people do it but it feels kind of inauthentic to me. Just like slot machines, […]