Month: March 2011

Video: Lady Gaga at Google

Digital & Online

I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga’s music. I’m not entirely sure why I was moved to write this blog post. For some reason I watched an hour-long interview with Lady Gaga filmed recently at Google’s offices in San Francisco and it got me thinking. Lady Gaga’s videos are pretty popular – Bad Romance is the second most popular YouTube video of all time. Unsurprisingly she’s also a major search term – people Google her […]

Video: social media marketing means you have to be 2,000 places at once


I’m having a bit of a Polyphonic Spree renaissance today. At the same time I heard something more than a good song. (The Polyphonic Spree is the last concert I saw in July 2003 before arriving in Canada.) When it comes to social media marketing we’re expected to be available all the time. I honestly believe this has to come from a genuine place – YOU have to be online alot. Not your intern. YOU. […]

Want to learn more about social media marketing? Check out over 120 free resources

Digital & Online

Want to learn more about Twitter, Facebook, search engine optimization, website design and user experience, writing for the web, understanding digital image formats, promoting your social media profiles, blogging, Flickr and RSS feeds? I have a list of more than 120 free resources that I’ve been building for the past few years. I continue to add to it almost weekly. It serves as my electronic handout when I do social media presentations but I realised […]