Teach or your blog will die


I regularly give presentations about using social media.

I talk about making your Twitter, Facebook page or blog a go-to place for useful information.

Smarty pants blogger Martyn Chamberlin, writing a guest post on ProBlogger, has perfectly summed up what I’m getting at.

In Teach or your blog will die, Martyn tells us: ‘Nobody cares who you are, but they love to surf the Internet and learn things. If you’re giving away useful content that creates value for others, they’ll start showing interest in you.’

Head over to ProBlogger to read the full article. And then subscribe to Martyn’s blog Two Hour Blogger to keep reading more of Martyn’s great advice.


  1. Its so true, you need to teach and give your best stuff away fro free, because people have so many choices, that if you don’t have anything to offer they will never come back to your blog,


  2. This is solid adivce! I am an reader of Copyblogger and one of Brian Clark’s mantras is “Teaching Sells.” I always strive to create as much value as possible and I think that focusing on value creation is a great place for any brand or business to start!

    Very cool blog Liz! :)


  3. Hey Liz,

    Looks like I’m a bit late to the discussion here, but just want to say Thank You for this post here. Really appreciate it.

  4. LOL! No worries Martyn. I’m just happy to make the connection. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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