Get your website ducks in a row before you attempt social media marketing


I’m in Alberta at the moment to deliver social media marketing presentations for the Alberta Magazines Publishers Association (AMPA).

I’ve been preparing for the presentations for a while now and gave the first one today.

I took a slightly different approach to the presentation than usual. Thanks to the AMPA website I was able to look at all their member magazines online.

One thing struck me – like a minus 44 windchill – social media is a waste of time if your website sucks.

Yes, I know, there are website naysayers who predict the end of blogging and websites as we know it. But I love a good website. And I think I can say with 100% certainty that the good ‘ole website is here to stay for a while.

Perhaps you’re even scratching your head saying ‘Of course social media is a waste of time if your website sucks.’ I think I’d just taken it for granted that folks knew that.

I’ve learned that they don’t.

There’s a tendency to jump on the social media bandwagon.

Everyone thinks they should be working it into their business. Like, yesterday!

What a lot of people don’t think about is getting their website ducks in a row first.

If your website isn’t kick-ass then don’t put a ton of effort into social media.

Work on getting your own house in order first. Social media marketing should flow from that.

A bad website is the worst reflection of your company or product.

Don’t bother with Twitter, Facebook, blogging et al until you have a beautiful, elegant website which you constantly update with interesting content.

Yes, this ‘social media thang’ is hard work folks!

Photo credit: Jonathan Wretlind on Flickr via a Creative Commons License