Canadians: do your bit to stop the new metered internet charge

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The CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) has agreed to let Canadian internet service providers charge customers based on how much they use the internet.

Please do your bit to stop these large media companies charging excessive amounts.

According to OpenMedia (quoted in this video below) it costs these companies a penny for 1GB of bandwidth usage. They want to charge customers up to $4 per GB.

George Stroumboulopoulos explains more in this video below. Please sign this petition to stop the nonsense.


  1. Well, Internet Providing hasn’t been profitable in a long time, they’ve had to rely on other services to make up the losses.

    I just wonder what they’re going to do for billing the script kiddies that are the target of the denial of service attacks. I think that’s got to be WAY more problematic than standard file downloading.

    Jill Lampi
    WebGrrl Enterprises

  2. Guest says

    At least in the US, according to organizations like Wired, ISPs reap huge profits; the maintenance costs are low as are upgrades, generally. The problem, as always, is greed.

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