Month: January 2011

Canadians: do your bit to stop the new metered internet charge

Digital & Online

The CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) has agreed to let Canadian internet service providers charge customers based on how much they use the internet. Please do your bit to stop these large media companies charging excessive amounts. According to OpenMedia (quoted in this video below) it costs these companies a penny for 1GB of bandwidth usage. They want to charge customers up to $4 per GB. George Stroumboulopoulos explains more in this video below. […]

Get your website ducks in a row before you attempt social media marketing


I’m in Alberta at the moment to deliver social media marketing presentations for the Alberta Magazines Publishers Association (AMPA). I’ve been preparing for the presentations for a while now and gave the first one today. I took a slightly different approach to the presentation than usual. Thanks to the AMPA website I was able to look at all their member magazines online. One thing struck me – like a minus 44 windchill – social media […]