Why I will not be writing a predictions post for 2011

Digital & Online

If you read blogs regularly you’ll know what I’m talking about.

At this time of year everyone is writing their predictions for what’s to come.

Among those prediction posts are genuinely smart, informed people who really DO have a handle on what the future holds.

But I’m not one of them.

Nor will I ever profess to know what we’ll all be raving about six months from now.

Why not?

Because all this guessing stuff sends me to sleep.

The truth is I have no effing clue what we’ll be doing a year from now. And honestly, I don’t care.

That sounds more callous than it’s meant.

I DO care about our evolving world. But to me it’s no fun trying to work out what will change and why.

The impact of digital communication and its effects are so complex and – in many cases – unknown.

If you’re super curious about all-things-future then you need to listen to one of the experts.

Head over to Gerd Leonhard’s website. This man is a futurist. That’s right. It’s his job to predict future trends. In particular, check out the presentations section.

Happy 2011!