Season’s greetings: what I like at Christmas


Again, in a break from the normal schedule here I’m posting something that I usually wouldn’t. Perhaps this means I’m getting more personal on my blog.

Recently, a number of things have made me think about stuff I like – ingrained in me from childhood.

One of those things is a traditional Christmas song which I’ve posted below.

I was raised a Catholic. At around age 9 or 10 I was allowed to decide if I wanted to go to church. I decided not to go. I no longer believe in the Catholic faith nor do I practise it. But I do continue to enjoy some of the tradition that accompanied it.

For years – since I was in primary school (under 10) – I have loved this song. No idea why. Never given much thought to it. I think nostalgia plays a big part.

I found an interesting interpretation of the song which I wanted to share with you.

I present to you: Good King Wenceslas sung by a deer and a bear.