Month: December 2010

Why I will not be writing a predictions post for 2011

Digital & Online

If you read blogs regularly you’ll know what I’m talking about. At this time of year everyone is writing their predictions for what’s to come. Among those prediction posts are genuinely smart, informed people who really DO have a handle on what the future holds. But I’m not one of them. Nor will I ever profess to know what we’ll all be raving about six months from now. Why not? Because all this guessing stuff […]

What you’ve been reading on Diary of a Webgal in 2010

Diary of a Web Gal

What have you been reading here on Diary of a Webgal over the last 12 months? You’re a hungry lot when it comes to Twitter and other social media tools. Let’s look at the 10 most popular posts. They’re listed most popular to least. 1. Ten amazing, minimal WordPress themes 2. Instant Eyedropper for Mac 3. A guide to using Twitter 4. Stuck for tweet ideas? Need a cure for Twitter block? 5. Using Facebook […]

WordPress theme roundup: 12 clean, minimal themes


My favourite time of the month! It’s my WordPress theme roundup. Here are 12 delicious WordPress themes I’ve found this past month. The best part is that they’re all free. Basico Demo | Download Berlin Demo | Download Big Square Demo | Download Black Magazine Demo | Download Bliss Demo | Download David Airey’s theme Demo | Download Fapowy Demo | Download JournalCrunch Demo | Download Puremag Demo | Download Sight Demo | Download Demo […]

Guest post: Writing for the web


This post about online copywriting has been provided by Angie Stewart. Angie is a marketing consultant from Maginus Online Marketing Agency. She recently approached me and asked if she could write something for Diary of a Webgal. She offered to write about an online marketing topic of my choice so I’ve asked her to tell us about writing for the web. Here’s what she had to say. Creative copywriting is a skill that stems back […]

The era of the digital pen pal

Digital & Online

As a middle-class child growing up in England in the seventies and eighties there was a pen pal trend. As I recall there were even organisations that would match you with an appropriate pen pal: someone with whom you shared interests. And then you wrote to each other. Some people had pen pals in Japan. Some had pen pals in the same country, like me. You shared silly things, sent stickers and photos to each […]

Season’s greetings: what I like at Christmas


Again, in a break from the normal schedule here I’m posting something that I usually wouldn’t. Perhaps this means I’m getting more personal on my blog. Recently, a number of things have made me think about stuff I like – ingrained in me from childhood. One of those things is a traditional Christmas song which I’ve posted below. I was raised a Catholic. At around age 9 or 10 I was allowed to decide if […]