I’m a new smartphone owner and I’m scared shitless

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For those of you who’ve attended my workshops or other presentations you may recall a little comical shtick I have regarding my lack of a modern mobile device.

I’ve always had a cell phone but only ever used it to make phone calls and the occassional text message.

Because I know my (limited) way around a computer and seem to have a grip on this social media stuff, folks assume I know my way around the mobile world too. I don’t.

It’s not that I’m stupid. I’m just not particularly seduced by gadgets and toys. They have little relevance in my life since I’m usually always in front of a computer. I just haven’t needed an iPhone.

For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain: during my social media presentations I mention mobile access to sites such as Twitter and Facebook but without much personal experience because ‘my partner won’t let me have an iPhone.’

I say it in all my presentations because it usually gets a good laugh but also because it was true.

Until last weekend.

My other half said to me ‘You work hard. You deserve a good phone.’ I was astonished. I have been unsuccessfully campaigning for an upgrade to my little Sony Ericcson (which looks something like this) for close to a year. I even persuaded my partner’s boss (who has a bit of an important job at our regional daily newspaper) to remark in a meeting that I really needed an iPhone.

Turns out I didn’t really want an iPhone anyway.

Presented with the choice of owning a shiny new smartphone I really had no idea what I wanted nor what I would really do with it once I got it.

I put word out on Facebook and Twitter asking for advice about what smartphone I should get.

The replies were wide-ranging. Here are a couple.

I still had no clue what to do so I got on the interwebs and looked at which smartphones were available from my mobile provider, Rogers.

I narrowed it down to a handful that ‘looked’ interesting.

A couple of friends had also strongly recommended I get an Android phone. Don’t ask me what that is. Click that little link back there to find out.

What I liked about Android was the idea of open source development – allowing anyone to create apps. That just struck me as a positive philosophy. Let’s face it, I had little else to go on.

And so this past Sunday we headed to the Rogers store and I walked out the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Captivate. It looks pretty. Everything is displayed in HD quality and when I was fiddling with it in the store it seemed fairly intuitive to use. I’m not an impulsive buyer so I played around with a few devices until I was sure I was making the right choice.

With my purchase made, I certainly felt different – like I’d finally arrived in the 21st century. It felt like everyone else was using this kind of gadget except me.

Now that I have the phone – and bear in mind it’s only been a couple of days – I’m still not sure what to do with it.

I checked my email on the bus on the way to work yesterday and felt all ‘mobile.’

But any new-found enthusiasm was quickly squashed when my phone rang yesterday and I couldn’t work out how to answer it. Honestly, I’m not a technophobe.

Conversely it was in that same moment that I realised how vital it is that I have this phone.


  1. Shericandler says

    have you found out how to install Twidroyd yet? It sucks battery like the dickens, but very easy to use for Twitter updates, mentions and DM

  2. I’ve just got my first smart phone, it’s an HTC Desire HD. It came highly recommended by a colleague as I’m new to smart phones too. I’ve had little use of it myself as I only got it this morning, but apparently it’s the best for internet browsing in terms of speed and usability.

  3. david says

    You are the type of person that I wish had the chance to try all of the options. In the end I fully believe your final choice would be different than where you have arrived. Regardless, I look forward to hearing more about the experience.

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