Month: November 2010

A week of firsts


Ocassionally I’ll write a post here that is nothing like the stuff I usually add to this site. Well, dear reader, this is one of those posts. Three important things happened this week which I want to tell you about. Each thing is something I’m very proud of and, in two cases, incredibly honoured. We’ll tackle this chronologically. Monday marked my first session with a personal trainer. And now I can’t walk. I’m told things […]

I’m a new smartphone owner and I’m scared shitless

Digital & Online

For those of you who’ve attended my workshops or other presentations you may recall a little comical shtick I have regarding my lack of a modern mobile device. I’ve always had a cell phone but only ever used it to make phone calls and the occassional text message. Because I know my (limited) way around a computer and seem to have a grip on this social media stuff, folks assume I know my way around […]

How Facebook is taking over our online lives


Ok. I realise that there are lots of people who are not on Facebook and don’t care to be. For those of us who live a lot of our lives online, Facebook has become de rigueur. This post by Brian Solis really brought home to me how integrated Facebook has become with our online lives. Where it was once Google that we referenced, it is now Facebook. It’s eye-opening to have such a shift laid […]

10 beautiful, new minimal WordPress themes


More beautiful, minimal WordPress themes for your blogging pleasure. All the themes shown below are free – though several of them do have pro versions with additional features. I’m particularly in love with Platform by Pagelines which has a gizillion theme options even on the free version. Codium Extend Demo | Download SilverBlog Demo | Download Plain Fields Demo | Download Platform Demo | Download Portfolio Press Demo | Download Prototype Demo | Download Suburbia […]

Will social networks be the new broadcasters?

Digital & Online

One of my new favourite people is Gerd Leonhard – a futurist. What a cool job title. He spoke at an event in France early in 2010 to give his predications about the future of television. He hit on a very interesting point. Could social networks be the new wave of broadcaster? We already use sites such as Twitter and Facebook to broadcast ourselves to each other. Perhaps it won’t be long before we see […]