Share good shit


Earlier this week I delivered a social media presentation.

Everytime I prepare for a presentation I’m reminded of the core principles I share about using social media.

Providing added value to your friends, fans and followers is one of those principles.

The day after my presentation I came across this post by the brilliant Jason Falls on his Social Media Explorer website.

His eloquent title: Sharing Is The Cornerstone Of Social Media Success is refined into a great mantra for Twitter which is typed on a piece of paper tacked to his bulletin board.

Share good shit.

It’s perfect.

Which is why I’m writing this post. If we can all remember this when we’re having online conversations or posting links for our friends, fans and followers we make the internet an even richer place.

Thanks Jason for finding three little words that carry so much weight.


  1. Nice post! Yeah sharing good shit is not only a good Tweeter strategy, it’s also a great Social Strategy. Shit! it’s even a perfect way of life…

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