NSI website shortlisted for international PR award


For those of you who don’t know what I do for my day job, I’m the digital media manager at Canada’s National Screen Institute.

This full-time job includes managing and producing content for their website. We redeveloped the site several years ago – which is when I started this blog so I could keep a diary of the project (hence, Diary of a Webgal).

I don’t work hard for accolades. I work hard because I love my job and I work with a bunch of brilliant people at the National Screen Institute.

Which is why it was extra sweet to hear that we’ve been shortlisted for two awards for our website and our annual report.

The PR News awards recognize the top nonprofit PR campaigns of the year and set the industry benchmark for excellence across all areas of nonprofit PR.

There are lots of people that have made the NSI website what it is today. Tactica Interactive Communications built the wireframe and the final design based on initial work by Doowah Design. Tactica help maintain some of the technical stuff. I manage the content with the excellent support of many of the NSI team and bloggers who contribute their expertise.

I’m super proud that NSI’s website is shortlisted. It’s not everyday that your work is recognised in this way.

And *cliche alert* I don’t mind if we win or not – we’re up against some excellent websites. I’m just kind of in awe and that’s enough for me.