Month: September 2010

NSI website shortlisted for international PR award


For those of you who don’t know what I do for my day job, I’m the digital media manager at Canada’s National Screen Institute. This full-time job includes managing and producing content for their website. We redeveloped the site several years ago – which is when I started this blog so I could keep a diary of the project (hence, Diary of a Webgal). I don’t work hard for accolades. I work hard because I […]

Free WordPress theme roundup


This site is built on One of the wonderful things about WordPress is the enormous range themes available. I’m obsessed with finding new and beautiful WordPress themes. I usually check at least once a day to see what’s new in the world of themes. There are a lot of very badly designed free themes. When I find a great theme, I usually download it and check it out on one of my test sites. […]

Genius! How a web design goes straight to hell


There are times when you come across something truly beautiful which must be shared. This is one of those times. A colleague sent this link to me and if you have ever been a client of a web designer or you, yourself, are a web designer, I guarantee this is essential reading. I can only post an extract. After you’ve seen it, you have to visit The Oatmeal for the full comic strip. Then you […]