Prince: the internet is over

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As a web manager and internet fan it will come as no surprise to you, dear reader, that the recent comment from Prince – declaring the internet is over – made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

What is this dude on?

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the internet is well and truly not over. In fact, I would posit that the web has only just begun.

But like I said, it doesn’t take a genius to work this out which is why I’m so surprised at Prince.

Here is an artist so entirely out of touch with 21st century communication that I’m astounded he still has an active fan base – I guess we have Purple Rain to thank for that.

His comments left me wondering if dementia had set in.


No rational human could say things like: ‘I really believe in finding new ways to distribute my music,’ and in the next breath completely diss technology. What is he thinking? Carrier pigeons will fly copies of his CDs around the world?

Get with the times little man.


  1. Prince who?

    Had he offered up some prediction of future methods of music distribution that would replace the internet, he might have drawn some interest. But he and his music lost me a long time ago. Once a big fan of his musical brilliance, I now throw him in the heap of musicians who have become more about being a star than they are about music. Stars fade. Music and the internet do not.

  2. Isn't that just it? Come on Prince, give us some ideas. It seems possible that the only innovative – and a slim one at that – that we've seen from this artist was his decision to change his name to Symbol. Jeeeeez.

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