Month: March 2010

Blogging – write what you don’t know


This weekend I whipped up a post for One Degree about blogging. And I’d love you to read it if you’ve even remotely considered blogging and quickly swept the idea away. What’s One Degree? It’s a website for Canadian marketers like me. I tweet for One Degree. Thanks to Peter Mosely (the boss at One Degree) for asking me to write the post.

Why a passion for learning is vital to success

Digital & Online

Today I mastered the art of Facebook markup language. What on earth is Facebook markup language? It’s the web coding used by Facebook that allows fan page administrators to add fun stuff to their pages such as images, additional tabs and more. I’ve battled with it for several years. It’s only after getting a better grasp of HTML that I was able to do this. I think it’s fair to say that there isn’t a […]

Guest post: What does it take to be a Social Media Guru©?


There’s no piece of paper that says you’re a marketer. Well, a Bachelor of Commerce, but let’s not be so literal. We come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some come up through the creative side, writing or designing ads. Some are business school grads. Because of this diversity and lack of oversight, you also get your layer of pretenders without much practical experience. Social media marketing and the self-branding smokescreen of virtual life are bringing […]

Video: what is social media and how do I use it?


In January, I delivered three lunchtime workshops – open to the public – on the topic of social media. These were presented by my employer, the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI) – a film and television training school based in Manitoba. We’ve put together a highlights video showing the best bits from the sessions. I cover a bunch of things beginning with my definition of social media. I talk about the importance of genuine […]

Tomorrow’s marketing skill set


I’m a huge fan of Adam Singer who runs a wonderful blog called The Future Buzz. He recently put together a useful post about the future marketer’s skill set. I really love what he includes and wanted to share this with you. Below I have only abbreviated Adam’s post. Please read the full post here: Tomorrow’s marketing skill set 1.  Writing skills are critical 2.  Meaningful insight into analytics/interpretation of data 3.  Nexus of marketing […]