Become an expert communicator not a social media expert


It’s Tamar Weinberg to the rescue again (or more acurately guest blogger Glen Allsopp writing on Tamar’s site.)

If we could all somehow connect telepathically, I would save so much time!

As Glen points out in his post on Tamar’s site, there has always been a joke on the social web about folks claiming to ‘social media experts.’

These folks are a dime a dozen.

Which muddies the waters for everyone.

Long ago I read that social media isn’t an add on; it isn’t something that your marketing director suddenly has ‘to do.’ It should underscore all your communications.

According to Glen a real social media expert should:

  1. Highlight others
  2. Grow bigger ears
  3. Accept a new normal
  4. Make everything else irrelevant
  5. Ignore social media ‘checklists’ or top lists

If you’re looking to weed out the pretenders from the real McCoy, check out Glen’s post: 5 things true social media experts do online.

(PS: Glen rocks. And he’s only 20. I am in AWE).

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