Month: February 2010

How to hide Farmville and Mafia Wars on Facebook


In the past two weeks I happened to mention to my husband and another friend that they can hide the activity of their Facebook friends who constantly play Farmville and Mafia Wars. It occurred to me that others would probably want to know how to hide the game updates too. I’m not talking about hiding the friend from the Facebook stream entirely. Facebook was kind enough to give us the ability to hide the gaming […]

Social media workshops in Edmonton and Calgary


I promised that 2010 would be a year of speaking presentations about social media. And damn it if that isn’t the truth. I’ve already notched up four in Winnipeg and it’s only February. I was approached by the lovely folks at the National Film Board (NFB) to deliver workshops to filmmakers in Edmonton and Calgary. And so in March NFB’s Content Manager Matt Forsythe and me will blaze a trail (of sorts) through Alberta, Canada […]

Google Buzz – is it any good?


First, I’ll admit that this is pretty much a duplicate of a post I made today over on the National Screen Institute’s website. But not entirely. I don’t think much of Google Buzz, ok? I love Google, for the record. The basic premise: Google wants in on the social media thang. Google Buzz is their trump card. Or something. This is my comment on the proposition, not the product. According to Google’s official blog: Google […]

Become an expert communicator not a social media expert


It’s Tamar Weinberg to the rescue again (or more acurately guest blogger Glen Allsopp writing on Tamar’s site.) If we could all somehow connect telepathically, I would save so much time! As Glen points out in his post on Tamar’s site, there has always been a joke on the social web about folks claiming to ‘social media experts.’ These folks are a dime a dozen. Which muddies the waters for everyone. Long ago I read […]

Move over content. Context is king

Digital & Online

In the Land of the Website Manager we hear an oft-quoted mantra that we are taught always to adhere to. Content is king. This is the biggest beast in the website jungle and not one to be fooled with. But then along came ‘context’ roaring like a lion demanding to be anyplace, anywhere, anytime. In the past few days I was lucky enough to read two posts about these topics. Check out Boagworld writer Colin […]