Diary of a Web Gal top ten posts from the past year

Diary of a Web Gal

In blog land there are two common kinds of post you’ll see at this time of year.

I tried super hard not to become one of those cliches. Alas, I fail.

They are: Predictions for 2010 and My blog’s top posts.

As annoying and ubiquitous as the practice may be, looking back over the last 12 months at what you liked reading on my blog is a healthy and interesting exercise, both for you and for me.

So I now present to you the top 10 posts you read on my blog in 2009. (Cough, cough, notice a tweme theme?)

I reckon I should have done a top 10 of my least popular posts.

Hmm …

Dear reader: next week read my top 10 least popular posts.