The future of the web: five years from now

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Apologies to those of you who read this link via my Twitter stream. This seemed like such a great article with so much food for thought I had to post it here too.

Noupe – a website I regularly read – posted an article about how the web might look five years from now.

The Future of the Web: Where Will We Be in Five Years? is an insightful look at emerging trends and some that are already sticking.

Some highlights include:

  • There are a few unsurprising predictions such as the growing influence and use of social media (a term, some of you will know, I think is silly). What this means is social interaction on the internet will be an even bigger feature of the web spaces we visit.
  • Our never-ending fight against spam and fraudulent internet behaviour may well increase but I don’t think we’ll ever really be totally safe from this stuff.
  • As a chick who spends a large (some might say, excessive) amount of time online I heartily look forward to better and more online film and TV content.
  • And Microsoft’s world domination of our PCs may be over sooner than you think. With Google set to launch a Chrome operating system we’re looking at a virtual online office as our operating systems move online.

This is all very exciting stuff. But as Noupe points out, predictions fly around the internet at the speed of tweets so there’s no telling what the future really holds.

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  1. glenfarmer says

    On a recent poll on 46% of respondents indicated that they don't use Twitter.

    The same respondents appear to be excited about Google Wave though, which for the moment, seems somewhat useless to me.

    I suppose that each of us has to find out what form of social interaction fits our needs through trial and error..

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