Month: November 2009

Heather Armstrong and dooce®


Long ago I became aware of a blog called dooce®. The blog is written by an American gal called Heather Armstrong. In fact a year or so ago I commissioned an interview with Heather as part of my job as a website manager and online content producer for the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI). Heather is often referred to as a mommy-blogger (Heather and Britt Reints – who I’ve interviewed for this blog have […]

My blog gets a redesign


Honestly. You have no idea how stupidly excited I am about this. When I moved to WordPress at the beginning of 2009 I couldn’t believe my luck when I found the Paper Trails WordPress theme by Roy Tank. I used it on my blog until tonight. It was a delicious, simple and slightly quirky theme. It even had a cute wobbly title that moved if you put your mouse over it. I was in love. […]

The future of the web: five years from now

Digital & Online

Apologies to those of you who read this link via my Twitter stream. This seemed like such a great article with so much food for thought I had to post it here too. Noupe – a website I regularly read – posted an article about how the web might look five years from now. The Future of the Web: Where Will We Be in Five Years? is an insightful look at emerging trends and some […]