My work website gets Facebook Connect

Digital & Online

I dunno how many times I utter this phrase but here we go again…

As a web manager your work is never done. A website is never complete. It’s a constantly growing, developing thing.

It’s been over a year since we launched my employer’s website.

And part of my job is to improve that website.

Today we finally had the official ‘launch’ of our shiny new home page and the integration of Facebook Connect, courtesy of our friends at Tactica.

We designed a magazine-style home to show off our content and make our site more accessible.

To streamline our site login, we’ve added Facebook Connect which allows you to log in to our website using your Facebook account. No more creating yet another account.

Of course the success or otherwise of these changes will only be known in time but it’s great feeling to continue to develop our website for the benefit of its users.