My top five sources of blogging inspiration


I recently wrote about overcoming Twitter-block; how to find things to tweet about when all you can think of is the weather.

As a blogger, there are certain places I always find inspiration. Places I know will get me thinking or provide me with stuff I want to share with you.

So I’ve put together a list of my top 5 sources for blogging inspiration.

Now, these might not appeal to everyone reading this post. My blog focuses on social media and other web-related stuff and so do my top five 5 sources of inspiration. So if you’re looking for inspiration for your gardening blog for example, not every link will apply to you.

  1. TWITTER – you’ll see from my own Twitter account that I post lots of links to other places. Many of those links come from folks on Twitter. Check out who I follow (you’ll need to be logged in to Twitter to do that). These are some of the most inspiring and talented people I’ve come across on Twitter. Many of them post links that I learn from each day. And sometimes those links turn into posts on my blog.
  2. MY INBOX – A while ago I created a list of over 20 super cool websites to visit and then added to it with a new post featuring 10 super useful websites and Twitter peeps. As I make my way through my inbox each day I find an abundance of inspiration. For the feed reader fans among you, replace ‘inbox’ with ‘feed reader.’ I totally love email and have never learnt to love feed readers in quite the same way.
  3. MY WORK – I got promoted to the role of web manager at the National Screen Institute (NSI) almost 18 months ago. During that time I’ve redeveloped NSI’s website taking it from a brochure site to a film and TV industry news hub. Throughout the development process I wrote about our progress, challenges and successes. It was the very thing that inspired me to start blogging.
  4. MY BLOGGING PLATFORM – As recently as February this year I moved Diary of a Web Gal from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress. This was and still is a huge learning curve for me. When in doubt, write about it on your blog, right? A lot of the set-up involved in creating a WordPress blog boggled my mind. I don’t think I’ll ever be a WordPress genius but I can get by and when I make a total dick of myself, I get to write about it here.
  5. MY DOG – My dog Sadie has had a blog pretty much as long as I have. Shortly after moving Diary of a Web Gal over to WordPress I also moved her from Blogger. Some of you may find this an odd thing for a web manager to be doing – creating a blog for a dog.  But Sadie is a constant source of inspiration. Just read her Twitter updates for starters.