Instant eyedropper for Mac


Digital Colour Metre - Instant Eyedropper for Mac

On my PC at work I use a great app for Windows called Instant Eyedropper which identifies a hex colour when you hover your mouse over any colour on screen. This is a brilliant tool.

The only downside is that the app is only available for PC.

Today I was searching for something similar for use on my Mac.

Well lo and behold! An identical app comes ready installed on your Mac. Who knew?

DigitalColor comes with Mac and you’ll find it in this folder /Applications/Utilities/


  1. New to Mac says

    Thank you!!! I was looking for something to do this on my mac, and couldn’t find anything until I stumbled across this post!

  2. Rob says

    I’m not able to open the application. When I double click (or right-click, ‘open’) the “ColorSunc Utility” an icon quickly flashes, then… nothing. Anyone have this problem? Any ideas?

  3. Jared Gulian says

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this on my mac forever. You’re great!

  4. Greg says

    thanks…a lot!!! been needing the same for a long time and the solution was up front and easy to find via your post.

  5. Wow, thanks for this hidden gem, exactly what I was looking for.

    Btw I’m also listening to Dave Grohl right now (kinda), Them Crooked Vultures “Mind Eraser No Chaser”

  6. This is awesome, thanks :) The only problem is I’m usually looking for the hex code of a colour, which doesn’t seem to be something this tool shows

  7. You’re welcome Liza. This tool works just like the Instant Eyedropper and does give you the hex number.

  8. Ah that’s odd, because when I run it (using OS X Lion), there is no hex code shown. I get various RGB display options but no hex code option…unless I’m blind (which is very possible at this point as I’ve been working all day >.<)

  9. It’s a while since I’ve used it – I have a PC laptop which I work on most of the time. Our Mac is downstairs and my husband uses it most of the time now. Have a fiddle around. I’m positive you’ll find the hex option. I seem to recall that was what made me so happy about Digital Color Meter. I love a hex code!

  10. Pacejordan says

    THANK YOU!!!! I didn’t even know it came standard. YOu rock. 

  11. Amanda says

    Thank you! I didn’t know about this and it is so helpful!

  12. Arynps says

     Hi, I just read this post and am trying to find the hex number, but I also can only find various RGB options. I am running on Lion. Can you tell me how to find the hex number?

    Thank you,


  13. Ryan says

    I was confused too at first but choosing RGB hex 8bit or 16bit works. The value is only separated by the colors red green blue, but when copied by pressing shift+command+c it is pasted as one hex value. Like so… #hl7p2

  14. Mark says

    Hey Liza and other readers. If you click View in the DigitalColor Meter navigation bar at the top and select ‘Display Values’ and then choose as hexadecimal, you will get the hex values you are looking for. Just use the last two digits of each of the R,G and B codes. That’s all Hex code is anyway, is just a variation of those 3 values. Hope this helps.

  15. Hamant says

    Thank you – I was searching all over for this – and all this time it was already on my mac – thanks

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