I am having a Facebook renaissance


When Facebook changed its layout to be more like Twitter I rolled my eyes.

Twitter is Twitter and Facebook is Facebook, I thought.

Since beginning my love affair with Twitter last year Facebook had slowly become a place I rarely visited.

I’d set up RSS feeds to send my blog content through to Facebook and occasionally updated my status but Facebook seemed so cumbersome compared to Twitter. There was so much noise on Facebook whereas Twitter’s interface was so simple. 140 characters of simple.

I tried hard not to neglect Facebook entirely. I was reading about the continuing growth of Facebook and didn’t want to miss out on anything. I knew it was me and not Facebook. I’d just fallen out of love.

Then Facebook did something really awful.

The infamous redesign happened and my visits to the site became more painful than ever. Facebook and I had both moved on and didn’t understand each other anymore. As a Twitter user I didn’t feel more at home on Facebook. I felt cheated.

Worse, I was confused.

Things had been re-arranged and no-one asked me if it was ok.

Where was everything? Where did my fan pages go? What happened to the variety on my home page? Why am I seeing all these status updates?

Of course, I knew why but I didn’t like it. I moaned and complained. I stopped short of joining any ‘Death to the new Facebook redesign’ groups on Facebook.

Then I listened to my friends and colleagues. And I seemed to be the only one who didn’t like it. No-one else I knew was having this much of a problem. Some of them even liked it.

So I had a word with myself and wondered if I could overcome the way I felt. Sure, the blogosphere was rife with complainers like me who didn’t dig the new look but perhaps it would just take some getting used to.

Thus began Project Facebook; I forced myself to use the site and overcome my insecurities. I got with the program.

New Facebook fan pages had a lot to do with it. Once upon a time I could set up my RSS feed and didn’t need to manually update anything much. But now that same RSS feed on my work fan page leaves updates sitting all alone devoid of eyeballs unless I manually type status updates.

While I was updating my work fan page, I figured I may as well take a gander at my own Facebook stuff and add an update. Oh and comment on Will’s status. And quickly click on ‘like’ under Timo’s status. And what IS Pam up to?

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks like this until I realised I was having a Facebook renaissance.

For those of you not on Twitter: Facebook is nothing like Twitter. Despite the hype.

But as a devoted Twitter user I think I can make room for Facebook. But I’ll never love Facebook the way I once did.