Great links for learning about Twitter


A while back I wrote a post with my top five links to help you get the most from Twitter.

Since then I’ve spied more links that I wanted to share with you and collect together in one place. By no means am I the only blogger doing this but I know many of you enjoyed my newbie’s guide to Twitter so hopefully I can add to your visit with this list.

Some of these links are great resources while others are also entertaining and give an indication of peoples’ strong feelings about how you should use Twitter.

I’ve read all this stuff and will continue to read more about using Twitter. You take it all in, swirl it around and develop your own unique approach.

My one bit of advice to anyone using Twitter is not to take it too seriously. Don’t be a jerk, always be courteous but do it your way. All these rules and guidance shouldn’t put you off jumping in and having fun with Twitter.

  1. A Twitter 101 by Charlotte-Anne Lucas
  2. Twittering tips for beginners by David Pogue from the New York Times
  3. How to use Twitter like a pro by Sean Tibbitts
  4. Twitter – mastering the conversation by Adam Jackson
  5. 140 Characters – a style guide for the short form by Dom Sagolla and Adam Jackson
  6. 49 amazing social media, web 2.0 and internet stats by Adam Singer/The Future Buzz
  7. 20 Twitter status design tutorials, icons and WordPress plugins

Do you have other useful Twitter links? Add them in the comments section.