Month: April 2009

Guest post: Hello my name is… and I’m a Flashaholic

Digital & Online

R.D. Gavel, avowed Flashaholic and travel agent, is the owner of Whimsical World Travel, specializing in vacations to Disney destinations. She is currently at work on a new website with a focus on experiential, luxury travel, and is taking web design classes as part of a twelve-step program to overcome her Flash-dependent behavior. Hello. My name is R.D. and I am a Flashaholic. My addiction began slowly as I navigated through the web running up […]

Follow or foe?


Last week social media and online marketing dude Ari Herzog wrote about his plan to unfollow all his Twitterers and start from scratch. The Twittersephere watched closely as Ari began rebuilding his new connections one by one. That’s because follower numbers and following policies seem to be emotionally-charged topics. Just look at the recent Ashton Kutcher/CNN race to a million followers on Twitter. Ari’s decision had to do with the value he gets from those […]

My new internet superhero

Diary of a Web Gal

I get very excited about folks I find that manage to put into words some innate feeling I have but can’t verbalize. I love folks that just SAY IT LIKE IT IS. Don’t-mess-with-me-people. It-just-IS-people. And today I added to my list of internet superheros (which already includes Steve Krug, Jakon Nielsen and Paul Boag) Enter Gerry McGovern. Read this post and weep peoples: website management – you can’t automate everything. Any person that starts their […]

Interview with Britt Reints aka Miss Britt


Most (make that all) of the blogs I read regularly are about web design and development. So it takes a pretty sparkling blog to attract my attention if it’s not about my online passion. Enter Miss Britt – a gem of a blog written by Florida-based Britt Reints. Britt is a mommy blogger – proud owner of two gorgeous small people Devin and Emma and wife to long-suffering Jared. Britt began blogging in 2006 when […]

4 free tools to help you create an uber cool website or blog


I’m a bit ubiquitous when it comes to space online. Check out my FriendFeed or Google profile and you’ll see what I mean. I just can’t resist a new opportunity to create another path to this blog or play around with a new online toy. You might say I’ve been around. Before I started Diary of a Web Gal I hadn’t a clue about ‘making a website.’ I thought it was something reserved only for […]

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone interview on Colbert

Diary of a Web Gal

UPDATE: It was only a matter of time before YouTube removed this video due to copyright infringement. You should still be able to view the interview in one of the places listed below. US readers can watch the interview on Comedy Central Canadian readers can watch the interview on The Comedy Network If you want to know more about Biz Stone you should check out this recent article from the San Francisco Chronicle. The Chronicle […]