Part 2 – Newbie’s guide to Twitter


So you’ve got a Twitter account. You’ve got followers and you’re tweeting.

By now you should know what all these things mean. If not, read my Newbie’s guide to Twitter part 1.

In this post we’re going to look at enhancing your presence on Twitter. Whether you have a personal Twitter account or are representing a brand, this all applies to you.

1. Add a custom background image – this is one way to make your stamp on the Twitter world. I’m going to make an assumption here. You know how to use Photoshop – if not, find someone who does. Then give them these specs and brief them about the design you’d like. If I remember correctly, these were the specs I used to create my own Twitter background.

Right now you’re probably seeing Twitter’s blue clouds. Or you’ve switched to one of the other default backgrounds they offer. Many folks choose to be extremely creative in this space.

It’s really up to you what you add to this space. Remember it’s only graphic. A link to your website won’t work on your Twitter background but it’s probably a good idea to include it.

However, this is a brilliant opportunity to show off your brand.

2. Change the colours on your Twitter page – yet another way to enhance your brand on Twitter. This section of your Twitter profile lets you change certain things about the appearance of the page. Whenever someone visits your Twitter page they’ll be greeted with your personal touch. Use your corporate colours or add those from your own brand. Or just add colours you like. You’ll need the hex code which looks something like this #ffffff.

3. Add your website feed to Twitter – if you run your own website or are responsible for your employer’s website then you should be feeding your content to Twitter. There are applications that require you to set up the account and never think about it again. Your feed is automatically sent to Twitter. And I love a time saver.

I personally use Socialise which is built into Feedburner but there are other options open to you. Check out Twitip or Google.

Still Twitter-curious?

The excellent website Webdesigner Depot has published the ultimate guide to everything Twitter. I highly recommend you head on over and check out their alphabetized glossary, a list of popular Twitter applications and instructions for incorporating Twitter into your website and blogs.